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A retailer located in the contiguous United States needed to relocate brand new store displays to Alaska. The project presented two concerns: the remoteness of the end destination and ensuring the contents would be protected during transport. CH Coakley 3PL was hired to create an efficient shipping process, as well as design and build a custom container for safe packaging.


CH Coakley 3PL orchestrated the multifaceted project which included a partnership with CH Coakley Commercial Moving. Details included freight and ferry transportation, and a collaboration to build a custom bulk head in the container to ensure safe transport throughout the long journey, which included two stops in Alaska: Homer and Kodiak.

The retail display pieces were separated, blocked off and protected for safe passage; packed into the 40’ ocean container and loaded for the first leg of the cross-continental transport. CH Coakley also managed the successful unloading and set up at each location.


The outcome was outstanding. The displays arrived at both locations in perfect condition and made it to each store front without any difficulty. The client was very pleased with the fully integrated services CH Coakley 3PL provided, and how the experts handle the entire job from start-to-finish, both on time and on budget.

CH Coakley 3PL
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