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CH Coakley Office Relocation and Commercial Moving is solely focused on corporate and industrial clients 365 days a year. From moving a museum of priceless artifacts to relocating over 30 federal agencies – including modular furniture – CH Coakley has built a reputation managing projects from concept to completion; on time and on budget.

Fortune 500 companies and independent businesses all agree: once a CH Coakley client – always a CH Coakley client. Why? The award-winning customer service is with you from start-to-finish, with the industry’s most experienced business leads at the helm overseeing your move.

Need expert advice?

Our office relocation and commercial moving services include:

  • Office relocation planning assistance
  • Pre-relocation budget analysis
  • Commercial relocation technologies
  • Office space planning
  • Modular workstations
  • Local-to-global relocation services
  • Distribution centers
  • High security storage facilities
  • Short-term and long-term storage
  • Custom crating and packing
  • Warehouse inventory
  • Inventory removal/decommission
  • Industrial shelving/pallet rack break down
Managing your project long before moving day is one of the reasons we are so successful at meeting deadlines and staying on budget. Here’s our process:

  • CH Coakley tailors a custom relocation plan to fit your project and budget by asking the right questions, listening to your needs and expectations, and keeping you posted every step of the way.
  • Client preparation is everything. We prepare our clients for the move to ensure organization, properly packed assets for safe transport, and the least amount of downtime.
  • Your moving coordinator will be onsite and ensure the entire relocation flows smoothly, including building and asset protection are in place, all needed equipment is on site and that your needs are handled professionally.
  • Once a client – always a client. That’s because we review your move after the relocation is finished, including final details such as reviewing inventory and helping place your items exactly where you want them.

12 -Week Relocation Planner

Thinking about that big move? Download the CH Coakley 12 -Week Relocation Planner that will help your move stay organized and on time.

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