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1400 N 113th St, Wauwatosa, WI 53226

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We are the top provider of warehousing, installation, repair services and supply chain solutions to the telecom industry’s most recognized brand names.

Our directors have over 25-years of in-depth industry experience, and that’s the reason why programs are managed with specialized tools and techniques, and enables them to be completed on-time and on-budget. Our safety record also reflects the high level of professionals we have on our team. The facilities are SARA III Compliant, and their constant awareness of eliminating risks and potential hazards is why OSHA annually recognizes CHC with a clean record.

We are trusted by several of the largest Wireless, Fiber, IT and Landline communication companies, and it is why we are currently working with them to continuously upgrade their power systems, and to deploy the next generation fiber and 5G networks.

Cell towers serviced
Machinery transported
Logistic moves
  • Telecom equipment testing
  • Maintenance
  • Backup power service
  • Decommissioning services
  • Telecom and data center UPS battery and DC backup power systems maintenance and installation

CH Coakley Warehouse Solutions

CHC Warehouse Solutions offers a variety of storage and distribution services through a national network of warehouses. Our leadership team works directly with clients to create customized and cost-effective programs, which include asset tracking and a unique flexibility program to increase or decrease inventory as needed.

Telecom Logistics Case Study

CH Coakley Telecom Logistics Case Study: Equipment Transfer from Truck-to-Wagon

CH Coakley Telecom’s Logistics team continues to be the top provider of warehousing, installation, repair services and supply chain solutions to the telecommunication networks most recognized brands. Those services include creating strategies to some incredibly unique and challenging situations that deal with unruly terrain and unpredictable weather, such as transporting parts to remote towers located in rural woods and farm fields.

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