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CH Coakley operates at the highest level of fully integrated technologies and assets, and is why we are on the radar of the top companies – large and small – that require 3PL, commercial transportation and warehousing solutions. We work closely with our clients to review their needs and identify opportunities and provide broad-based solutions.

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Industrial warehouses

Relocating a warehouse poses unique skill sets, such as problem solving and big picture thinking for the many tasks involved in this type of move. Once the entire inventory is accounted for and in process, our zoned warehouses, which are attached to our asset tracking system, allow for peace of mind that the warehouse’s contents will be back where they belong on time and on budget.

Commercial businesses

CH Coakley is a proud agent for Mayflower Transit; the most recognized name in residential and commercial moving companies, and our focus is on clients who may require specialized care in handling, simple dock-to-dock service, and making long distance deliveries.

Government offices and legal firms

The public sector is working hard to modernize internal operations and services while maintaining strict budgets. Highly sensitive documents, data and office equipment can all be handled by our government cleared staff.


Methodical perfectly describes what needs to be done when moving a library, with details that involve a labeling system for organization and control when moving collection and air ride vehicles for non-jarring transportation.


From moving administrative offices and disaster response, to storage/warehousing and facilities support, CH Coakley provides logistical planning for your on-campus moving needs.

Hospitals and medical equipment

The professionals in our logistics department are leaders in the industry when it comes to moving extremely large and heavy items as well as pieces that are technologically complex.

IT and telecommunication companies

Offers logistical, engineering, installation, maintenance services and warehousing to their IT and telecommunication clients.

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