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CH Coakley responded to a RFP put forth by Milwaukee County to operate the County’s entire archives system. Milwaukee County had maintained care, custody, and control of over 85,000 cartons, and had responsibility to oversee 88 separate but distinct departments consisting of dozens of locations throughout the county; all overseen by Milwaukee County Records Manager, Dennis Larson, and his six fulltime staff members. At the time of the RFP the County averaged approximately 200 file/box retrievals daily, and was required to routinely purchase additional archives racking, fork lifts, dock levelers, and several electrical pallet jacks.


CH Coakley’s winning RFP response included the development and implementation of a strategic transition game plan, where we dedicated an in-house supervisor to work hand-in- glove with the County’s operating personnel. Once the work began, the CH Coakley supervisor was quickly able to grasp a comprehensive overview of the County’s record retention and retrieval operations. CH Coakley then physically bar-coded and indexed all 85,000 + cartons, whereupon we met with major end users, explained why the County made the decision to outsource and were thereby able to explain the unique features, advantages, and benefits of our operations and how our technology enhancement software benefited their department.


By partnering with CH Coakley, Milwaukee County celebrated the fact that they were able to right size all of their Records Management operations personnel, turn back two leased vehicles and eliminate leased warehouse space including fluctuating utilities/CAM costs. By the end of the first year of outsourcing their archives operation and an incredibly smooth transition, Milwaukee County, and ultimately tax payers, celebrated a direct cost savings of 31%.

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