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CH Coakley & Co. Moves New Legendary Guitarist Exhibit to Waukesha County Museum

Guitar wizard Les Paul, born and raised in Waukesha, Wis. was one of the most influential figures in modern music making. So when the Waukesha County Museum was looking for a skilled moving company to bring its new half million dollar exhibit to the museum, CH Coakley happily stepped in to help.The museum pieces, created in Illinois at Chicago Scenic Studios, filled a C.H. Coakley Mayflower trailer that was 53-feet long with built in levels to make sure that no piece was stacked or would touch another. In addition, 385 pads were used for added protection during the exhibit’s journey to its new home. “Each piece was custom built for the museum; there is not another exhibit like this one anywhere in the world,” said Brian Coakley, vice president at C.H. Coakley & Co. “Every piece had to be managed by expert hands. Chicago Scenic Studios and CH Coakley completed a job Les would have been proud of.”

Once at the museum, each piece was carried up two and a half flights of stairs, some requiring six men to get to the top. Coakley’s Mark Hunt and James Ivory supervised and helped with the move.The exhibit, which opened June 9, is now a permanent fixture at the museum.

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